Brand Marketing & Initiatives

90% of information transmitted
to the brain is visual,

and visuals are processed 60,000X
faster in the brain than text.


We excel in creating, developing and reimagining brands.

Over the past 12 years we have helped clients launch new brands into the marketing place, created independent identities for new products or company initiatives, and even helped companies who have been around for decades, evolve their brand and image to align with today’s consumer.

Some of today’s most progressive companies have turned to 68 Creative Group for Branding and Identity Projects.  


A well-designed logo allows a business to appear professional and polished to clients and potential customers. Our team of branding experts can create a versatile, simplistic mark that is a true representation of your company. This mark, paired with a carefully selected color palette and a well-crafted typographic design will become distinctive in your industry and give you a leg up on the competition. Our logo design process delivers multiple logo formats along with a logo outline, providing details on font and color usage.


Determining a visual direction before setting out to create a brand is a wise investment. It allows us to create a clear roadmap to guide your branding adventure, and it offers us the invaluable opportunity to ensure that the brand we create is a brand that you feel aligns with your business goals. Our team will curate various patterns, photos, colors, and fonts to create a distinct visual direction. This direction will serve as a starting point for developing your brand image and personality, and will act as a guideline for the creation of future brand assets. Practically speaking, we will create multiple options for the visual direction of your brand. You will select one of the options, and all branding work will follow the lead of that direction.


The objective of the naming process is to establish a memorable and meaningful name that will have a positive impact for your brand. Your name needs to stand out among competitors and appropriately encompass your network’s target audience, brand message, and vision. Using our expert experience and various naming principles, we carefully guide you through the naming process until a compelling and creative name sticks.

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