Do you have a product or service that you’re hoping to get noticed by the perfect potential customers? Well, you’ve got to do more than wait around hoping these people will come knocking on your door. A strategically planned, relentlessly executed, and meticulously measured marketing campaign will introduce and promote your product or service in a manner that makes you memorable and irresistible. Marketing campaigns can be developed for a specific initiative, as a one-time plan; or as a yearly marketing calendar for overall business planning.


A successful marketing strategy will drive sales and build awareness in a way that’s seemingly effortless. We will develop an overarching strategy that combines all marketing goals into one comprehensive plan including action items and appropriate budgets. We will analyze market research and focus on your products or services in order to achieve your goals that are determined at the onset of the project.


Our social media marketing packages thrive on consistency and creativity, which we believe to be key elements for a successful social media campaign. Each of our packages is customized based on the target demographic and goals of each specific client. We will work to grow awareness of your page, increase followers, and increase engagement on each network. Each channel will be used as an avenue to provide awareness of specials, events, community events, services, products, and staff. As an overarching goal, we will work to create a community for clients where they can feel a stronger connection with the brand. When we take on your social, we will systematically create and curate content, monitor performance, complete monthly reports, and conduct quarterly performance reviews.


Email marketing allows you to inform current and potential customers about your offers, promotions, and coupons. Well-timed emails also allow you to remain top of mind with your current clients, prompting them to think of you when your product or service is needed. We create email marketing campaigns that are sure to land in your customers’ inboxes and are a true extension of your brand. We track and monitor every email sent to provide results that reinforce the effectiveness of your campaign.


Our text message marketing programs allow you to communicate offerings through the facilitation of text messages. This allows you to truly reach your clients where they are … on their phones. It’s a surefire way to make sure your message is seen and read.


As graphic designers AND marketing experts, we get excited about presenting content in such a way that it is simple to digest and evokes a potential customer to take action. We create informative, well-designed sales brochures, one-sheeters, and flyers that are cohesive with your brand. Our expert graphic design skills, paired with our team’s marketing prowess, are the perfect combination to help you extend the reach of your brand and grow your business.


Promo products play an important role in your marketing strategy. Although purchasing a promo product is seemingly simple, this isn’t something to be left up to your assistant. There’s a lot to be considered to ensure a return on your investment in promotional products, and our team has the know-how and sources to find you the perfect product at the perfect price per unit. We do more than pick a product out of a catalog and print your logo on it. We use our resources to research what resonates with your target market and then investigate the options available for promotional products. We use a variety of items, such as pens, balloons, notepads, notebooks, stress balls, backpacks, hand sanitizer, and sunglasses, but we also identify more unconventional options as needed. If you’re planning to include products as part of your marketing strategy, work with us to make sure they don’t get tossed in the trash in two minutes flat.


Content. Content. Content. People want original content, and original content is what we provide. We are expert copywriters who crave originality, ingenuity, and wit. We’ve got words, punctuation, and power when it comes to talking about who you are, what you do, and how you do it better than the rest. From short, bold slogans, to the paragraphs that populate your homepage, Nice Branding Agency has a unique way with words. Writing copy is no easy feat and requires stringing words together under the established brand voice to clearly communicate your message, while keeping the reader engaged. This is just as important as the look of your brand assets, and our copywriters are dictionary divas who have alliteration rolling off their tongues and are perfectly capable of transitioning potential customers to buyers with well-crafted copy.


You’ve got news, and you’ve got to get it out. However, before you peck away on your keyboard detailing all of the facts about your grand opening, latest product, or current promotion, you need to make sure the news is presented in such a way that it will grab the attention of a reporter and entice him or her to take a second look. The goal is to get some free marketing out of it, right? Reporters are picky, and your info needs to be presented in the proper manner, so leave press releases up to the pros!


No matter the audience or complexity of your promotional event, we will address the plethora of intricate details that your event may involve. Our team will cover the most minute of tasks including arranging setup, marketing activities, post-event outreach, and more, all from your hand-selected venue. We provide services with budget in mind, making a lasting impact on your audience without breaking the bank.


Promoting your brand via electronic media allows us to analyze and adjust in real time. We are able to track the performance of your marketing campaign, and adjust our strategy to ensure that you’re reaching your target market and achieving your goals. Our digital marketing strategies include a carefully crafted combination of marketing via the internet, text messages, email blasts, social media, and more, all dependent on your target market and budget.

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